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Born in Tunis, Sofyann Ben Youssef is a Brussels-based music producer and musician with the groups Kel Assouf and Bargou 08. He has tourned internationally as a musical director for contemporary dance shows and composes for movies. Together with Nicole Kayal, he co-founded TUMEX (Tunisian Music Export) a platform aiming to enhance the presence of Tunisian music abroad.


Tour with Kel Assouf

1 Nov AuQuai Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Belgium Tickets
16 Nov Le Safran Amiens, France Tickets
9 Jan CC Westrand Dilbeek, Belgium Tickets
21 Mar Het Bolwerk Vilvoorde, Belgium Tickets


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Nidhal Yahyaoui grew up in the Bargou valley, a forgotten region of the Tunisian highlands. Targ is his supercharged take on Bargou’s unique folk music, in which traditional instruments are underpinned by driving trap drums and fat Moog bass. The results are spectacular. Instead of a polite fusion, this is retrofitted trance music, in which the old […]